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Women in Fintech
January 21, 2019

A core pillar of Imagine Capital Group’s (ICG) thesis is to identify and support businesses in under-banked or “unbanked” communities, as well as, to those that are started by “Founders of Diversity,” who are women, non-white persons or members of the LGBT community.  Even though the issue is being discussed more frequently in recent times, the gender gap in funding, compensation and team diversity is still very present.[1] For example, while 50% of client households are run by females, only 15% of financial advisors are women.[2] However dismal, this does mean that there is opportunity for improvement. ICG is working to help with this change by investing in women- and other minorities- who are looking to change the financial sector for the better.

When ICG spoke with a FinTech Influencer and expert via Twitter about some solutions to address the gender gap she responded, “We need more women VC + more funding for female founders. We also need more women in senior leadership roles and boards; an inclusive culture where all genders can thrive. We also need returnship programs to support women who take time off to care for children and loved ones. . . It will take a village - effort from all genders. But together, it can be done. If we have the will.” Her answer shows that with effort from many parties, real results can occur to help close the disparity between gender in FinTech.

With ICG seeking to partner with founders of diversity, we want to be a part of this progress now and in the future.


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