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Welcome Letter
Tom Schapira
October 15, 2018

First and foremost, thank you for reading this! I am not a blogger or a professional writer, but the founder of Imagine Capital Group. As with most life stories, my personal journey and Imagine Capital Group’s are intertwined… 

Imagine Capital Group was founded with a strong belief that entrepreneurial talent isn’t only in the United States but can be found in every corner of the world. This came to me the only way I think an international understanding can be developed - through experience. I grew up in Chicago as a 1st generation American, with a global mindset and an ear for languages. By the time I was 22, I had lived in China, France (2-times) and traveled independently to over 20 countries. As my professional career grew in strategy consulting, I was exposed to a half dozen more countries, encountering more and more amazing people, and eventually decided to pursue an MBA overseas to learn side-by-side with the globes’ brightest. 

Along the way, I developed a love for the financial services industry and before I knew it, I was an expert before ‘Fintech’ was a term. Like most consultants, I got burned out and joined one of the largest FinTech providers to the Financial Services industry where I learned about bank politics, budgets, sales cycles, regulation and technology challenges.

Then I saw coastal American VCs spend considerable amounts on Fintech entrepreneurs, as the rest of the world seemed to be left in it’s shadow. As more light entered, I saw that innovation in the financial services industry wasn’t exclusive to the USA, but also very important in the growth markets of Western Europe and Asia. 

We are a team of Fintech, financial services and strategy consulting experts with the same belief. We aim to not only provide capital, but help FinTechs win and grow by sharing our expertise and network. We want to partner with local VCs and share our FinTech knowledge and network. You dream it. We'll do the rest.